Tuesday, October 29, 2013

wanted: more stability (surly bd for sale in pdx)

I am preparing to sell my Surly Big Dummy. 
As my balance issues under load increase with age, it is clear that I need to switch to using a trailer to tow my stuff.
This Big Dummy is built by me (former pro shop mechanic) around a 2010 frameset.
Includes wooden snap-deck, old-style side bags, a pair of wideloaders and a longloader attachment from Xtracycle, all installed and ready to use.
It will also include a Surly flask, and special flask cage handbuilt by Joseph Ahearne.
7 x 3 Shimano cassette drivetrain with pure friction shifting (to avoid compatibility concerns and make maintenance much simpler). Triple cranks are vintage Specialized "flag" model, in great shape.
Nitto North Road handlebars, Shimano V-brakes, 26" wheels with ZAC-19 double-walled rims.
The bike is in very good used condition.
Note: Will NOT include the Brooks saddle shown in the photo. Another saddle will be swapped in for the sale.
I cannot ship, nor deliver by motor vehicle (I don't drive).
Pickup in Portland, OR only. 
I will prepare a craigslist ad in the next few days, but if you're seriously interested please message me privately. Thanks!

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